The Middle Ring? Huh?

The Middle Ring?  Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Lord of the Rings, nor does it have anything to do with jewelry or boxing.  Most mountain bikes have three chain rings attached to the crank.  The smallest ring is known as the “granny gear”, is the easiest to spin and is used to climb hills.  The largest ring is known as “the big ring”, is the hardest to spin and is used for flat out speed.  The middle ring is right, well, in the middle.  The middle ring lets you do most things.  In fact, some bikes only have a middle ring, or sometimes just a granny and a middle.  So, The Middle Ring seemed like a good metaphor for where I, and most of my friends are. 

I’ve been riding mountain bikes since the mid 80’s.  This makes me some what of an old timer, or old school rider, even though I ride some of the most modern bikes.  It is true, riding in the 80’s meant no suspension, front or rear, and pretty basic “traditional” frame designs.

So here we are, the middle ring “web log” or blog as some like to call them.  For some reason the term “blog” doesn’t exactly “float my boat”.  I’m not sure why exactly, maybe it seems to Gen X, or whatever “gen” we are these days. 

For me this site, or blog if you must, is mostly for friends to keep appraised of what I (or we – I am married to quite a good mountain biker and wonderful woman) am doing, riding, and thinking about cycling.  Yes, there will be some “road” content here too, as in the past 5 or so years I’ve gotten the bug to ride the road as well.  I never thought I would, you know, “I ain’t no lycra wearing roadie”, but it does have its attraction.

This web log began life in March 2008, so it is definitely a work in progress.  I hope to keep it current and thoughtful.

So, clip in and shift up to the middle ring.

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