Westridge – New CCDB Shakedown Ride 4.20.08

WOW, the CCDB was great.  Now that I’ve got that out of the way.  :-)   Westridge was the perfect place to get the new shock on the dirt.  After yesterday’s 50+ miles on the road I wasn’t looking for any epic, and with a new piece of hardware on the Terremoto, it was about right.  Brett came out to ride, he had done Corral / Backbone the day before, so he was looking for something mild himself.  Also, managed to get Brian to come out.  Brian has been trying to get back on the bike (road and Mtn), and has been riding up La Tuna recently.  At the top of our climb, Brian told me that this was the most fun he’d had on him mountain bike (ever?).  So, it was a good vibe ride for everyone.  Weather was good, got to play on some of the stuff at the top of Sulli and get the feel for my new bling, the DB.


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