Ok, so after one ride I’m loving the DB

***Update 5.8.08 – Now sporting a Ti Spring – Check out the Hardware section.***

We just did Westridge, over to the top of Sulli, and then over to the top of, what I think they call Widowmaker.  Just playing around, hitting every bump I could.  All the way up (fire-road) Westridge, the shock was quite, no pedal bob.  The shock did “sit low into its stroke”, the way all the documentation said it would, which at first might make you think you don’t have enough pre-load.
On the way up Westridge, we took that little section of ST not far from the top.  The shock was at its default settings, the way it came from Cane Creek.  Right away I could tell it was a world different than the Fox DHX-A.  It felt like my rear wheel was glued to the ground.  The Fox would take the bigger hits, but it never felt as good as the DB on chatter bumps and small fast hits, like you get on any of the ST (Backbone, Sulli ST, Westridge ST) around here.
So, since I wasn’t getting any bob on the climb up, at the top I let out the low speed compression and rebound by one click (softer).  I did notice, just by bouncing the suspension (sitting on the seat and bouncing), that it was even softer, but while pedaling, still really no bob, not more than you might expect from any 6″ bike.  So, for now, that is where I’ve get things set.  I’m going to re-check the sag with full gear on tonight, but I’ve got to say, I think Malcolm (Cane Creek) and of course Chad got the spring dead on for my weight.  Need to get some more rides in, and maybe play with the settings, more just to see how they effect the ride.
All in all a good fun weekend of riding.  52mi on the road Sat, and 12 or so playing around on my new CCDB with Brett and Brian.

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