New Knolly


Well, there’ll soon be a new machine in the stable. Lori is getting a Knolly Endorphin! White frame, RP23, Chris King, XTR, Hope, TALAS 15mm, Thomson, and more. Should have all the parts early in Jan 09 for the build.

Update:  90% of the build should arrive 1/14/08, with the last couple of bits arriving hopfully the following week.  The big hold up is the 15mm axle for the CK front hub.  Let the building begin!

1.21.09 – The build is complete.  Check out the build list and photos on the Hardware page.


3 thoughts on “New Knolly

  1. themiddlering Post author


    Thanks for the kind words. When I’m shooting, not on the bike, I’m either using my older Canon 20D, or my Canon G10. For “build pix”, or other non-riding photographs, I’m often using my Canon 40D.

    We managed to get one ride in after the build, but then winter hit, SoCal style – Rain. Seems like its been raining every other day for weeks now. So, that nice new Knolly only has ONE ride on it!

    As always, I love your site and visit often.

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