Sycamore Canyon 3.14.09

We rolled up the canyon (started beach side), and to my surprise, no mud or water.  Got to the base of Guadalasca and started climbing.  I put Lori out in front.  She was rolling over everything, rocks, ruts, whatever.  She cleaned the entire climb.  We topped out, and I left the decision to Lori.  She said, lets do an about face and drop back down Guadalasca, and then when we get to the bottom we can climb it AGAIN.  In the back of my mind I figured once at the bottom, she’d want to do something else, but no.  After a quick bite, we climbed it again.  By now the overcast was burning off, but temps were still really good.

When we topped out, we cruised along, passing the top of  Hell Hill and dropping down Wood Canyon Vista Trail (AKA Backbone).  This is a semi techy ST drop back to the canyon.  That Knolly was soaking it up.
Once down in the canyon we blasted along, passing a few others, and bouncing off any thing we could find on the way back to the beach.

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