Horseshoe Meadow Climb – October 2009

Well, its on.  Something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, climb the Horseshoe Meadow road from Lone Pine.  This road starts out heading up the Whitney Portal road (the way you’d drive to Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the lower 48.), but then hooks a left turn towards these giant switchbacks.  Its 22 miles of relentless climbing (44 mile ride total as an out-and-back).  The gain is just over 6k feet, topping out at more than 9,600′ elevation.  I will say that I’m not in my best ever of shape, but for me its not about getting up there in any record time, its just about getting there.  Anyone that’s ever driven Hwy 395 (going to Mammoth or Tahoe) has seen this road, you can not miss it.  You’ve got to wonder “why”.  It is not a through road, it just climbs up and over the front of the eastern Sierras, stopping at the top for hiking trails and camping.  A massive undertaking to get this road up this mountain.  Looks like D Day will be October 10th.  I don’t have a huge “bucket list”, but this thing is on it.
Pushed back by a week to October 17th, ’cause Lone Pine is sold out!  Film Fest going on that weekend.  Only problem is weather, its getting really cold up there!
HSM Road1

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