Crash – Ouch!

Well January 7th I went out for a quick solo ride. Took the El Salt out, as I had been messing with the RP23 settings. Such an idiot, I was about 50′, yes I said fifty feet, into the ride and was not paying attention. Road (well, rolled is a better description, as I was going about zero MPH) right off a 3 foot edge. Thought sure I’d broken my right shoulder again. Limped back to the truck, home, shower, off to Ortho guy for x-ray. Said not broken. A week and a half later now, still hurts like hell. Mostly my ribs now, which I’m sure I bruised or maybe even cracked. Hard to sleep, hard to do anything. Getting better, and rain is here, so I don’t feel too bad about missing trail time.

Crashing sucks, especially when it is your fault, and it was a bonehead maneuver.


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