Sea Otter 2012 4.21.12

Well, Sea Otter 2012 is in the bag. Funny thing, after calling myself a mountain biker for over 20 years, I finally got my butt up to the Otter for the first time this year.
Three days up there, we toured the Expo, grabbing up some goodies, bumped into Sherwood and Teresa from Ventana, hung with our friends Aaron, Allen, and Co. Got in a shorter ride on Friday the 20th after the Expo, and then the Grand Fondo 20mi ride on Saturday. Everything went great, though it could have been a bit cooler. Actually it was cooking up there. At the Expo standing on the pavement, and while riding. Heck, I was concerned about a possible mud fest (and I guess it’ll rain up there now, just a few days after the end of the Otter). Oh, and we had a great time at the MTBR party on Saturday night. Our friend Al competed in the tandem, and Colette in the SS race!