Sedona, AZ – March ’08

A week of fun in Sedona and Prescott, AZ

Left Los Angeles on Sunday March 16th heading for Sedona.  Watching the weather the days before, I knew we could be in for some rain or maybe snow.  Sure enough, as we neared the Prescott area, and climbed over a mountain pass on highway 89 it first started to rain and then snow.  We pulled into Sedona about 4pm.  The rock formations had a light dusting, and the parked cars about 2 inches.    

Monday we decided to do the tourist thing, and let the trails dry.  That afternoon we rolled over to the Bike and Bean, a local shop.  Everyone agreed that by Tuesday the trails would be outstanding, not muddy, not dusty, but tacky.  So, Tuesday we road right from our room, up the Bell Rock trail, under the highway and out to Templeton Trail and across slick rock on Cathedral trail.  We road out to Buddha Beach.  Here, instead of returning via the road, we turned back and road it again.

  sedona2.jpg sedona6.jpg

sedona8.jpg sedona1.jpg     

The next day we road out to Submarine rock / Chicken point.  Thursday, we only had the morning, as we had to pack up and head towards Prescott.  We just played around on the trails in the Bell Rock area. 

sedona3.jpg sedona9.jpg

sedona5.jpg sedona4.jpg

In Prescott we hooked up with Billy, someone that I had emailed with from STR.  He is a local (CA transplant) and showed us one of Prescott’s newest trails.  The 396 trail. 


All in all, a great week of riding.


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