Ventana El Terremoto – Spring 2007

2007 Ventana El Terremoto Build – Spring 2007

I’d like to acknowledge and thank Larry at Mountain High Cyclery, and of course Sherwood and everyone at Ventana. The Terremoto isn’t my first Ventana, and won’t be my last. The amazing craftsmanship and engineering that goes into everything Ventana builds is always evident. The customer service that both Ventana and Mountain High Cyclery provide is something that, to me is harder and harder to find today. Between the absolutely top notch frames that Ventana builds, and the truly great service that both Ventana and Mountain High Cyclery provide, you can’t go wrong with these guys!

Thank you both!

Check out Ventana at:

Post Office Box 39
Rancho Cordova, California 95741

Get in touch with Larry at Mountan High Cyclery at:

Mountain High Cyclery
5645 W. Hwy 34
Loveland, CO 80537

The Build:

2007 Ventana El Terremoto

Semi Custom – 20.4”
Custom Paint – RAL 7009
DHX Air 5.0
’07 FOX 36 TALAS RC2
Hope Headset
DT Swiss EX 5.1d rims on heavy duty / SS Chris King Hubs / 20mm axel
RaceFace Atlas w/ FR – DH BB
Shimano FD-970 front / Sram X.O Med Cage rear derailleurs
Sram XO Trigger Shifters
Sram PG-990 (11-34) cassette
Sram PC-991 chain
Jagwire / One Bike Titanium cable housing
Hope Moto V2 discs – 203mm ventilated rotor – “Gun Smoke”
Thompson X4 31.8 / 1-1/8” x 100mm x 0 degrees stem
Easton Monkeylite XC (MX) 31.8 bar
Hope Space Dr. spacers
Hope Grip Dr.
Thompson / Gravity Dropper seat post
WTB Pure V SLT Saddle

The amazing RAL 7009 “Ghost Gray” with a light “SuperDust” topcoat. Exactly as I had hoped it would turn out.

Well, lets get started. The complete build kit.

Test fit the fork into the headset, add the spacers and mark.

Remember, measure twice and cut once!

De-burr the inside and outside of the cut.

Tighten everything down just enough to keep it together. We’ll come back with the torque wrench latter.

Using a brass brush, clean up the bottom bracket treads, and then apply a light coat of grease to the threads.

Test fit both the drive side, and non-drive side BB cups. Note that the drive side tightens backwards.

The only place I ran into any real trouble with the build was with the non-drive side BB cup install. The threads appeared to be fine on both the cup and the BB, but something seemed off here.

I ended up having to chase out the threads in the frame using my tap and cutting fluid.

Mount the tires.

Install the cassette.

Install the crankset and torque.

Install the front and rear derailleurs.

Mount and torque the front and rear rotors.

Mount the front and rear calipers.

Mount the HOPE brake levers and SRAM shift levers.

Run shift cables and hydraulic lines for the brakes. Shortened the rear hydraulic line for better routing and fit.

Tune shifting performance of derailleurs.

Adjust air pressures of DHX A and TALAS to FOX recommendations by way of sag measurements. Set rebound, pro pedal and high / low speed compression settings to mid points for initial test ride.

The following day, took the new machine out to my local trail for a test run. I must say that I am very impressed with not only the frame itself, but the components as well. The Sram XO shifting was flawless, the HOPE Moto brakes are amazing, and the suspension (still in the setup / learning stages here) seems like it’ll really sing. Again, I want to thank everyone at Ventana and Larry at Mountain High Cyclery for everything.

Recent Updates


Replace the RaceFace BB cups with the Diabolus DH BB.



Replace the e13 guard with the Blackspire Lite God ring. The e13 is overkill for my style of riding. I doubt I’ll be seriously bashing stuff with my ring, I’m too old for that.

Add a little bling to the Hope Moto’s. I originally wanted the smoke grey levers and reservoir caps. At the time of the build I could only get my hands on the levers.


Cane Creek Double Barrel installed.  The Fox DHX-A (Air) was not cutting it for me.  While I for sure don’t push the Terremoto to its limit, I could still feel that I was missing some performance.  As others have reported, the DHX-A seemed to bottom out and suffer from mid-stroke mush when set to the correct sag and boost.  The CCDB, while a little heavier, has glowing reviews.  I’m excited to give it a try this weekend.



Got the Ti spring on the CCDB.  Now, the bling is complete!



Replaced the rear Hope Moto and its 203mm ventilated disk with a M4 and 183mm disk.  Still maybe more than I need, but the Moto on the rear was a bit over-kill!




Oil bath change and Enduro dust and oil seal change.



New Fox 2009 TALAS Fork



Pulled all suspension bearings out of the Terremoto, now almost 3 years old.  All the bearings were spinning smooth.  Popped the dust seals and re-greased all.  That bike is riding nicely, and a little preventive maintenance can go a long way!



Clean and oil change on Fox fork.


Pull the rear suspension and check / clean / lube all bearings.  Pull the fork and clean and replace bath oil.


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