Fall 2015

Well we’ve had very little rain so far, but they say its coming.  The trails could use some light rain before we get any heavy stuff.  Needs to pack down otherwise the soil is really going to run off and erode.

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Cooler Temps!

Man, we’ve been cooking.  Highs in the 90’s and humidity too.  Feeling like a slug, and my legs agree.  Way off our game the last few months.  Hard to get motivated to ride when the weather has been like it has.

Ahhh but this past weekend got in two small rides, and though it hurt, it was good.  Temps going back up again this week and coming weekend, but maybe there is a “cool” light at the end of the tunnel?  Oh, but the WX man says we are going to get one of the biggest El Nino in history this winter. So, we may be washed out.  Ugh.


Summer Keeps on Rolln’

Not shooting too many photographs of our local rides, things are so dry and just sort of ugly.  We got a few brief thunder showers a couple of times so far this summer, but it really didn’t do any good.  The soil is so dry it was absorbed instantly.  Vegetation is dry and drying up.

A few shots from April, even that early things were pretty dry.

Summer 2015

Well, we’re still rolling right along.  A trip to N. Cal to visit family, followed by a few days in Tahoe to ride got changed around in a big way, so that ain’t happening.  Trying to line up a trip to Big Bear or maybe even Mammoth for later in the summer.

Have just been riding the “same old, same old” stuff around here local.  Need some different dirt!

Sycamore Canyon 2.16.15

The place has exploded with color.  After the fire of a few years ago, and a early blast of rain, the Sycamore Canyon area is beautiful.  I hope we get some more rain this season, the soil is already dry and there is even a bit of dust.  Without more rain, all this green will soon be dry and brown.