Interbike 2009

Well, Interbike ’09 was a blast, and all thanks to a certain guy and his shop in Montana for getting us in.  A couple of days in Vegas, checking out bikes, bumping into old friends, and making new ones.  Took in a cyclocross race, drank whiskey with bike makers, and monster energy drinks with friends from CO.  Even bumped into our friend Dave from the OTE shop in Hurricane, UT, and Troy from the OTE in Fruita.  Managed to find Sherwood and Teresa from Ventana, and tagging along with them, Alan from a shop in the UK.  Hung out with Paul from Santa Barbara and his fiancé.  Picked up a few t-shirts, Knolly shot glasses, and a GoPro video camera.  Cool thing on the GoPro is that, when the new HD version comes out later this month, we are in at a reduced price.
Weather was good, hotels were good, food and drink were good.

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